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Welcome to Balaclava Fitness. We pride ourselves on our amazing diverse community, expert coaching and programming designed to get you in the best shape of your life.

We have recently moved to a more intimate, welcoming space at 38 William St Balaclava and have improved our classes so as they are more inclusive and available to absolutely everyone.

You will be guided in all areas to improve your fitness, strength, coordination and flexibility/range of motion. Our work outs are ‘constantly varied’, meaning you will experience a different workout each day- think body weight exercises, a variety of dumbbell, wallball, kettlebell and dead ball exercises, gymnastics and weightlifting movements that can be scaled for everyone, incorporated with cardio and HIIT exercises (skipping, running, box jumps/step ups, cardio machines etc). This is why we call our classes “Fitness” as it really does offer everything in improving your strength and overall fitness.

The high level of energy and professionalism of our coaches will ensure that you are kept accountable and are helped to reach and exceed your health and fitness goals in a fun, challenging and supportive environment. Our members come from all walks of life, with a huge range in age, fitness and ability. When you step into our facility for the first time you’ll find that our community of inspiring coaches and members are invested in your journey from day one.

A Tailored Approach To Fitness

We’ve got the perfect program for you regardless of your current experience or fitness goals. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are because at Balaclava, we’ve raised the bar for functional training with unique programs that all deliver an amazing workout and deliver the results you’re after. Owner and Head Coach Ezra Poyas has 30 years experience in the industry and has trained professional athletes and everyday people alike, and his programs are guaranteed and proven to be successful. Our classes are programmed in 6 week blocks with structured progressions. They are not random.  

Our classes consist of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. Each day is a different combination of movements that will keep your body and mind in peak physical condition. Balaclava Fitness is for everybody. Every workout is totally scaleable and each individual can work to their own fitness level.

If you follow our programs and listen to our coaches you will progress and reach your goals over time.

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