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Extremely friendly and welcoming vibe here. Was a little worried at first at how hard you would be trained and injuries but Ezra and the team ease you into it so nicely. Been there a few months now and feeling the gains and body feeling absolutely amazing. All those fears have been put to the side about CrossFit and the way you are welcomed into this family.

Balaclava Fitness

My favourite gym. The coaches are great, the atmosphere is social, you will get great results in a safe and fun environment.

Balaclava Fitness
Balaclava Fitness has helped me to feel comfortable in my own body and to realise the value of performance-based progress rather than focusing on appearance. The expertise of the whole CFB team and the efforts that Ezra has put in towards creating a friendly and enthusiastic environment are two huge reasons for why I would recommend this gym. It is a friendly and enthusiastic community in which no one so far has failed to fit in

Balaclava Fitness
I’ve been with Balaclava Fitness for 2 years+ now & it’s honestly impossible to quantify how the insanely positive culture of the gym has impacted my life… From the mates I’ve made to my impeccable fitness improvements, Balaclava Fitness has always been a place I’ve felt comfortable to be me. I’ve been given opportunities to challenge my own ideas of health and fitness, always bettering myself and equally I have shared in everyone else’s massive improvements. It was my first adventure into the fitness world, but I’m confident anyone could walk in; either to begin their fitness journey or continue toward their goals. You can be yourself and expect to be supported, coached and improve with Balaclava Fitness and I think that is the most important part of any fitness journey.
Balaclava Fitness
Liam Wright
I love this gym. I love how the trainers are dedicated to helping you improve and beat your personal bests. I love how it always challenges and can be easily scaled to any level of fitness or ability. But the thing I love most about Balaclava Fitness is the camaraderie. At other gyms you turn up, do your workout and go home. But here there’s a community. People chat before and after the sessions and, most importantly, support each other through the workouts. I frequently finish last but I am never alone in doing so.
Balaclava Fitness
Balaclava Fitness have fantastic coaches who work really closely with you to ensure you are getting the knowledge and understanding of basic skills. You will be challenged every day you come into the gym. I have found just how much I can push myself to do things I would never have believed possible. The coaches will push you to reach your best and continually encourage you to work on your weaknesses.
You will become fit and strong. You will get out what you put in. I know through all the hard work the coaches have put into me, that I benefit in every training session. I really enjoy the atmosphere at Balaclava Fitness, everyone in your class will encourage you to push hard and to finish your workout, no matter how much you think you can’t. A very happy and fun environment that you will achieve lots in!
Balaclava Fitness
Amy Rogers


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