Tara Jenkins

Tara Jerkins

Tara Jenkins


As a young adult, she lived a normal life, spending time with friends, partying & wound up working in the Police Force as a Constable for 2 years from the age of 19.

At 19 she was diagnosed with depression & tried to mask her symptoms by partying & becoming a very unhealthy version of the young elite track and field athlete she was as a child/teen. These patterns continued until at 25, she hired a trainer & got stuck into body building.

After realising she was quite strong & naturally athletic, she started playing women’s Gridiron where she found her love of training. This mental shift prompted her to study to become a trainer/coach and start her own business working in a commercial gym teaching body building and basic functional training.

After a year of hardcore training, she wanted to try CrossFit to continue to push herself as far as she could, as her body & mind adapted to everything she did & by this stage, she hadn’t taken an antidepressant in 3-4 years.

She joined a local CrossFit gym & I got hooked from day 1. It was brutal, it challenged her physically & mentally, but the buzz she got after it was too hard to not go back, she was addicted. She surrounded herself with better athletes, watched, learned from the coaches and ALWAYS did extra. It was here she began to learn how to coach CrossFit &
higher skill functional training.

Two years into her CrossFit career, Tara competed at the CrossFit Games & has since been to multiple world class competitions in her short career. This has now become a lifestyle for Tara, working in the industry & training part time as an elite athlete.

Training has contributed to her health and wellbeing in so many ways! She no longer needs antidepressants, she has learnt how strong she is, both physically and mentally and can still continue to improve. Getting into health and fitness was easily the best decision she has ever made as an adult & she is living proof that life doesn’t have to slow down as
you get older & YOU are your best bet in making yourself truly happy.

Keep pushing, keep making new goals, take one step at a time, be smart and one day, you will achieve everything you hoped for and maybe even more!

Tara does this for a living because it makes her so fulfilled helping people on their journey to become truly happy & confident within themselves.


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