Pilates Mat Sessions

Our semi private Pilates mat classes are designed for all levels from beginners to those more experienced in Pilates. With small classes, you will be closely supervised and our trainer will be able to modify and work within your needs and goals, your body and any restrictions or pathologies you may have.

We start with the basics and add layers and progressions/regressions so as everyone has an amazing workout.
Pilates is beneficial for overall health and wellbeing, no matter your age or level of fitness. These classes will increase your strength, fitness, mobility, endurance, flexibility, posture and overall feeling of wellbeing.

Our focus is on correct alignment, strengthening your core and lengthening your body. The muscular control learnt in our pilates classes allow joints to be held in optimal position. When performed correctly, pilates will decrease pain, prevent and rehabilitate injury.

You will experience increased muscle strength and tone (particularly in your abdominals muscles, low back, hips and buttocks) reinforcing strong, mobile joints and improving muscle and joint elasticity. A major focus is on correct and improved stabilisation of your spine and pelvis which is so important in life outside of the gym in every day activites.

We often incorporate props and each workout will leave you feeling energised and most of all, you will enjoy increased body awareness, improved breathing patterns and fun challenging full body workouts.


Join us for 3 classes for $33*