Living proof that ‘anyone can do this if they just keep showing up and working hard’ Kara found CrossFit over 6 years ago, at a time in her life when she had no fitness routine whatsoever. Building herself from the ground up, she fell in love with the process of focusing on new skills and developing strength that comes with functional training. It was the first time in her life she’d been in a gym setting where the friendships were as strong as the workouts, the cheers were as loud as the music, and high 5’s were dished out for effort, not aesthetics.

The physical and mental benefits that came with the incredible community and challenging training she found in CrossFit changed her life, and she got into coaching to help others experience the same thing.

Always bringing high energy to her classes, she’s passionate about helping each and every person reach their individual goals. She loves nothing more than seeing people do things they never thought they could, and have a great time in the process.

You’ll find her jumping in classes alongside members, petting the gym dogs and getting more excited about your PB’s than you do.


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